Our security patrol services include:

  • Lock up service
  • Random patrols
  • Gates, windows and door checks
  • Alarm system response patrol
  • Welfare checks
  • Casual security patrol
  • Night or day security patrol

Security patrols are a way of ensuring the security and integrity of your site by providing a visual deterrent. Security patrols are ideal for commercial properties that are left vacant after business hours or private property not open to the public.

Why would I need a security patrolman?

Sometimes staff forget to lock up/secure your premises, they also may forget your product /materials outside to open eyes. This may be due to many reasons e.g. busy day, fatigue, wrong mindset, in a hurry to leave and relying on the next person. To avoid these scenarios a 4front Security patrolman can ensure you’re always secured and ensure the integrity of your business.